My Watermark


My Watermark

I create erotic art of fictional characters of various shapes and sizes. If you have a popular or obscure character you would love to see in a lewd position, you can count on me to give them the time, love and dedication they deserve.
(Art displayed here is censored. Please look me up on E621 for a full portfolio of my work)
Please ⇨ check my Twitter ⇦ for up to date commission availability.

Please fill out a form before contacting me!

I receive a notification the second a form is Submitted so I will contact you the moment I can!

The possibilities are endless! All you gotta do is ask! My specialties are more cub/smaller characters, and tame kinks though, so please keep this in mind!

“Are there things you can’t draw?”

“What Can you draw for me?”

Unfortunately due to a demanding full time job, medical appointments, life, and limited current art skills, I am unable to draw:
• Comics
• Scat/Pee
• Hyper Genitalia
• Diapers
• Drowning/Underwater
• Musk/Mud/Dirty/Unhygienic
• Feet
• Fat/Inflation
• Character Sheets
• Gore/Blood
• Evolved Pokemon
• Robots
• Creating an OC
I do apologize for the inconvenience!

Just a heads up. Until further notice, prices on this website are no longer applicable. I am only available to do one (1) $35 commission a month to help pay for my washer and dryer. The rest of the website is technically an archive except for the terms and agreements, which are still relevant. Thank you for your understanding and I apologize for the confusion.

What are your prices?

All pricing varies depending on complexity

Quick Sketch (No Background)

Flat color

Detailed Patterns/No Outlines

Add Ons

Background items/people/Clothing on floor: $5Two (2) characters: $5Three (3) or more characters: $10+

What are the Background prices?

Solid Color

Solid color with Line Art:

Editing art from related media
(If available and in HD):

Hand Drawn/Detailed:

Simple Pattern/Shapes:

Before You Continue…

There’s a few things I have to let you know before you commission me. Feel free to ignore this, but if you do, and your commission is rejected due to not respecting the following warnings, then I don’t know what to tell ya.

  • I have a full time job and medical complications. Please be patient and give me time to respond and complete the work. I will always keep you updated as I have updates.

  • Please stop reuploading my art to websites like E621 unless you are skilled at proper tagging, and link back to my twitter post. It’s frustrating having to fix your tags and make comments with my source because you were to lazy to do the work.

  • If you are 17 years old or younger, please do not contact me.

  • Full payment is needed upfront before artwork begins.

  • You may only revise the art 2 times during the line art, and after completion phase.

  • My art will always contain my watermark so it may be shared anywhere you’d like.

  • Most commissions will be posted on my social media so if you are commissioning an OC or art that you would like to not be public or would like to be tagged in, please let me know. But do not rush us to post it. We choose what we post publicly and when. We reserve the right to say no.

  • Please do not alter my artwork in any way. Be respectful of my work.

Now, are you ready to get started?!

Meet the Duo!

The Discord Tatsumaki Tatsugotchi virtual pet Mountain Bluebird that became Muffins Origin

Muffin has been dedicated to drawing art since they were 10 years old. Now at 26, they've been working hard for many years perfecting the craft of NSFW art of usually obscure yet lovable characters. Muffin does their best to bring a new perspective to the NSFW community, upholding a welcoming, non judgmental business for everyone to participate in, no matter your interests.

Talking Tom is Ray’s favorite childhood character, remodeled since its 2010 release

Ray (RAYnbow) is the head of operations and management, handling the uploads of content to sites such as E621, Ink Bunny, R34, and much more. He is also Muffinlewds’ long time boyfriend and beloved best friend, as they live and work together to bring you and the community some much needed open minded artistic fun!

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